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Hyundai Venue 2022 Facelift

Hyundai Venue 2022 Facelift
GFX 10W Wireless Car Mobile Charger For Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward GFX 10W Wireless Car Mobile Charger For Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward
-25 %
Qi Compatible Wireless Car Charger pad combines the most portable car phone mount with the latest car wireless charger technology. You can charge your phone by laying it on the charging pad. The wireless charging pad can also be used as a phone mount for navigation. It can also be used with most mobile phone cases on the market, wireless charging will not be affected.It is customized for your iPhone and android phone. It is compatible with all Qi wireless fast charging enabled smartphones. Overvoltage protection, temperature control, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection ensure safe and quick charge for your phone.Wireless Charger Pad► Easy to install/fit in your vehicle.► It's a good design with thoughtful engineering to create a superior, long-lasting product► It is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphones and iPhones.► It comes up with over-voltage protection, temperature control, over current protection, and short circuit protection► Premium shielding and precision resistors minimize interference and protect smartphones functionality while charging► You can use this wireless charging pad in different locations such as car, home, office, meeting room, department store, school, and showroom, etc.► The universal sticky silicone pad has a large base to hold and keep your phone firmly in place. Suitable Mobile: All Wireless Charging Enabled Smartphones, Such as iPhone 11 X XR XS XS Max 8 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 Note 9/8/Note 7/Note 5/S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge Plus/S6 Active/S7/S7 Edge/S8 /S8 Plus. 10W output power. Wireless Mobile Charging Pad 10W For Fast Charging. Input DC Voltage: 9V-12V and Output : 2-Amp/ 10 Watt...
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GFX Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward All Model Custom Fit All Weather Tech Car Floor Liner Rubber TPU Mats (Set Of 3 Pcs.) GFX Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward All Model Custom Fit All Weather Tech Car Floor Liner Rubber TPU Mats (Set Of 3 Pcs.)
-24 %
These mats are made by a very well-known brand GFX. Highly durable mats made with rubber and TPU material with perfect size according to vehicle model. These mats are 100% waterproof and protect the vehicle from, water, oil, dirt, and snow, moreover these mats also look very nice and decent in the car. Branded Product GFX Introduces the most advanced concept for car floor protection that gives a touch of class. These interior floor mats improvise all aspects of your car's - front, back, and side-foot space in an elegant manner. Long-Lasting Long-lasting floor mats also have anti-skid ridges on the underside of the GFX car floor mat to prevent from sliding inside the car, offering a splendid experience and safety to the driver and passengers. All Season All-season vehicle mats having deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud, and sand. these mats have been designed and engineered to prevent curling and cracking in below O-degree celsius weather too! Car Interior Decoration Mode.Waterproof and Washable: The material used is waterproof and washable. You can wash the mat with soap and a soft cloth to keep it clean for long periods of time.Dust-free: Protects the floor space from dust, mud, snow, water and keeps your organized belongings safe and clean. Keeps the original carpet clean, safe, secure until you remove it to wash it.Odorless: This floor mat does not leave any smell and maintains the natural fragrance of the car intact.Black Color: To enhance the beauty of your car, black color is available which does right with every color of the car. The darkness maintains it for a long period of time until you get time to clean it. Customized fitting: To give a luxury style to your car, the floor mat gets a customized fitting as per the car's size and organizes your belongings to travel safely. Compatibility:-GFX Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022. Sales Package:-Set of 3 GFX Rubber Mats. Product Warranty:-1 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty. FAQ:-Q. Is this mat a universal type, can we fit it in any car model?Ans. No, These mats are 100% custom fit mats made according to the specific vehicle.Q. Are these mats 100% waterproof mats?Ans. Yes, These mats are 100% waterproof, and dustproof.Q. Are these mats cover the entire floor area?Ans. Yes, because of its raised edges it provides complete.Note:-Showing pictures only for a material and quality purpose only, because this is a custom fit product, Actual product will send you according to your car model year and variant for best fitting...
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Hyundai  New Venue Facelift 2022 Window Door Visor with Chrome Line (Set Of 4 Pcs.) Hyundai  New Venue Facelift 2022 Window Door Visor with Chrome Line (Set Of 4 Pcs.)
-74 %
Brand: Imported Model: DVCLVENUE
Window Car Door Visor Help to kept the window open in the light rain weather so that you can enjoy the rain. It also ensures that car window shields do not fog due to humidity. The door visor also prevents the direct sun rays on the side of the car. Apart from these Car Door Visors also enhance the exterior look of the car. The Door Visor also allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain and wind out. Stylish Look Excellent design that enhances your car side profile look. Custom Fit Custom-fit design to ensure perfect fitting & size according to the specific vehicle model & brand. Comfort and Safety The door visor also deflects the wind, which reduces the noise outside of the car when you drive. Door Visor Easy Installation Step 1 Place the door visor on the window frame to check the position of pieces, before installation of door visor. Step 2 Clean and wipe properly apply surface area to make sure there was no dust, moisture, and water on the applied surface area. Step 3 Now remove the seal of the double-sided strong adhesive tape which is attached on the backside of every piece of the door visor. Step 4 Ensure accurate position, then press the product to make it tightly. Step 5 Do not wash your Car for 2-3 days after in material stacking window door visor. Step 6 You have all done now remove the blue-tinted wrapper from the chrome or silver line.   Compatibility:-For Hyundai  New Venue Facelift 2022 Sales Package:- Set of 4 Door Visor. Product Warranty:-1 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty. Note:-Showing pictures only for a material and quality purpose only, because this is a custom fit product, Actual product will send you according to your car model year and variant for best fitting...
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Ex Tax:Rs.1,199
Hyundai New Vanue Facelift 2022 Onward ORVM Side Mirror Chrome Garnish with Indicator Cut - Set of 2
--19 %
Brand: GFX Model: GFXH-32
This side mirror chrome cover is made with high-quality ABS plastic material with a triple-layer chrome finish. As it is a custom-fit product the size is according to the new Innova Crysta Facelift 2021 Model. These covers will perfectly proper edge fit on Hyundai  New Venue facelift 2022. ..
Rs.1,474 Rs.1,244
Ex Tax:Rs.1,249
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward  9 Inches HD Touch Screen Smart Android Stereo (2GB, 16GB) with Stereo Frame By Carhatke
-31 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: STVNFLFT
Built-in GPS  Support Online and Offline Navigation App Such as Google Map, Map, Support 3D Maps, and Voice Guidance. 2.5D Curved Screen 2.5D curved panel could resist scratch, would be more light and smooth. Split Screen Mode Video is always displayed in inset windows, you can set the video interface size as you like. WIFI Hotspot With wifi connected, you can download almost any apps you want. Car player with Android 8.1 system, it’s compatible with most of the navigation apps in the google play store, such as Map, Youtube, Facebook, Carhatke, Netflix, Etc. Bluetooth Function Bluetooth version: 4.0. Support Android and iOS device connection. You can answer the phone call through Bluetooth on the stereo, and listening to music from your phone, which is more safety while you are driving. FM Radio Built-in FM with 18 preset stations, with this car radio, you can listen to real-time traffic, news broadcasts, weather forecasts. And you will never miss your favorite radios anymore. Play your favorite RJ on the car. Android/IOS Mirror Link IOS supports mobile phone one-way projection to the machine  Android supports mobile phone iOS devices mirror link via wifi. Android devices mirror link via wifi or USB cable. Steering Wheel Controls You can control the functions you need by steering wheel, all you want at your fingertips, more convenient. please check the Steering Wheel Controls on the Website. Rearview Camera Input It will change to HD reversing view automatically while backing & parking your car. Camera with 12 LEDs. please check the Parking Back Camera on the Website. Quick Specs:-Capacitive digital TFT Touch Screen 1080P HD Definition MOSFET amplifier:60watts X 4 max power output FM Range:87.5MHz~108.00mhz Power-off with auto-memory store function 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB of ram Clock function Mute functionBT function Bass & Treble, L&R channel stabilizer Aux Input function easy connection 4G Optional Gorilla Glass Wiring Diagram:-Front Left Speaker+ Rear right Speaker- Front Left Speaker- Rear Right Speaker+ Front Right Speaker+ Rear Left Speaker+ Front Left Speaker- Rear Left Speaker- Parking Sensor Control wires Power Antenna/ Amplifier Turn On Reverse Detection Steering wheel key control line +12V Accessory/Switch ILL Ground Wire +12 Constant Power Supply Stereo Compatible:-DSP inside Digital Signal Processing Compatible with an OEM parking sensor Compatible with door display Compatible with steering mounted controls Compatible with an analog panel and parking sensor switch Compatible with OEM camera Compatible with climate control display support only higher modelsCompatible with mood light original OEM amplifier(Hexa)Compatible with door lock-unlock and all other OEM featSupport the Music playback format of mp3, WWA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, APESupport the Video playback format for Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, SP/ASP, GMS, XVID, H.263, H.264, AVS, JPEG/MJEPG Compatibility:-Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward , Sales Package:-Stereo Head UnitStereo FramePower CordRCA Line4 Pin USB Extention Cable6 Pin USB Extention CableGPS AntennaMic10 Pin Rear Video Input Product Warranty:-1Year Warranty from Attention:Before dispatch, we will contact the buyer to assure the year, model & variant of the carSome brand's top variants require extra CAN bus, activator or wiring kits to link all the functionsAll parts of our stereos will be available in the future to ensure complete peace of mind to our buyers If you or your mechanic face any issue while installing the stereo so don't worry about it we will provide you a video call from a company engineer and they will guide you and solve your all issues. ..
Rs.12,999 Rs.18,879
Ex Tax:Rs.11,016
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Car Automatic Window Sunshades Curtain (Set Of 4Pcs.) Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Car Automatic Window Sunshades Curtain (Set Of 4Pcs.)
-47 %
Brand: Swastik Model: AMSDVNE
Perfect Fit Designed to fit most small and medium car rear side windows, simple installation. Each automatic sunshade is well made, durable, and easy to use. Buy a set today before it gets any hotter out there! Anti-UV Protection This car side window automatic sunshade provides UV protection, cuts sun glare, reduces heat, and prevents your children from getting burned or overheated. Breathable Sun Shade The mesh is breathable, and because it’s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun. Rolls up and down automatically when your window is down and up. An aluminum tube with the sunshade and hook is attached to the sunshade to follow the window up and down. Imported fabric restricted the light which comes from outside so outside people are unable to see inside the car, but people from inside can see the outside because it is a one-sided sunshade. It provides more privacy while driving the car. Compatibility:-Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward  Sales Package:-4 SunshadeAdhesive TapeScrew Product Warranty:-1 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty...
Rs.3,968 Rs.7,501
Ex Tax:Rs.3,100
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Chrome Door Side Beading  Set Of 8 - Imported
-38 %
Brand: Imported Model: CRSDBDVN
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Chrome Door Side Beading Set Of 8- Imported..
Rs.2,714 Rs.4,365
Ex Tax:Rs.2,300
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Chrome Handle Covers All Models - Set of 4
-44 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: HNDCRVN
Car chrome door handles come in some high and luxury car models. Not every car maker company gives you chrome handles in their car model because of its cost factor. They keep handles in body color paint or plain black without body color, if it is affecting your car look and you are getting bored with them, then you should add some styling material to your car exterior look. These chrome handles make very a big difference in your car's exterior look, it adds a classy bold metallic look to your vehicle. installation is very simple for these chrome handle covers, you can install them by self. double side adhesive tape is attached to every piece.Note: These chrome handles are compatible for Hyundai Venue Facelift 2022 with all models with two keyholes and also with the sensor handle model...
Rs.864 Rs.1,535
Ex Tax:Rs.675
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Diamond Pattern Luxury Car Floor Mats 7D Car Floor Mats Black In Red Thread (Set Of 3) Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Diamond Pattern Luxury Car Floor Mats 7D Car Floor Mats Black In Red Thread (Set Of 3)
-72 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: 7DMTVNE
If you are looking for luxury, stylish and waterproof car foot mat for your Hyundai Venue then car 7D mat surely your first choice. A perfect combination of luxury, styling and maximum protection. 7d mat raised edges to cover the entire floor area and provide maximum protection from dust, oil, mud, water, and snow. These mats are 100% Environment-friendly. 7D mat has also a grass mat attached on the top surface to give the extra protection and make these mat easy wash and maintain. On the bottom side of the mat is covered with the Velcro sheet to make anti-slip. Very easy to install and maintain these mat wash anytime because mats are 100% waterproof.  These 7d floor mats will be made with the best quality materials and also provide 7 depth layer protection.7 depth layers protections:Wire Loop - Non-slip, waterproof, noise reduction and antifouling to bear or endure dirty, protect the car interior.Heavy-duty vinyl backing - Makes it Anti Slip, Waterproof, Dust-proof, Protects stains, fading, dirt, Easy to clean.PU Leather - very little maintenance such as cleaning and wiping dirt and dust from its surface.Sponge - Shock and Sound Absorbent Inner Layer.Non-Woven Fabric - liquid repellence, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, washability, cushioning, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, filtration, use as a bacterial barrier and sterility.XPE - Heat Insulation: Shaping Capability, Sound Absorption, and Cushion Capability.Anti-Slip Bottom - Bottom Layer Keeps Mats in Place Without Harming Original Carpet.Installation: Before you start,  clean the carpet area with a vacuum cleaner so that there is no dust or debris under it. Now, take each mat and identify which mat would fit each side. And easily fit all matsWarranty: One Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty..
Rs.4,130 Rs.14,750
Ex Tax:Rs.3,500
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Door Foot LED Mirror Finish Black Glossy Scuff Sill Plate Guards (Set of 4Pcs.) Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Door Foot LED Mirror Finish Black Glossy Scuff Sill Plate Guards (Set of 4Pcs.)
-51 %
Brand: Imported Model: LDSPVNUE
The scuff sill plate is used to protect the car door sill area from dust, rust, and scratches and also add some lighting effects to the vehicle. glowing scuff sill plate helps boarding or de-boarding to the car easier in dark places or nighttime. led footstep will automatically illuminate when the door will open and adding wow effect. Black Glossy Mirror Finish These footsteps are made of acrylic material to ensure the best result. Adhesive Tape Comes with company-fitted adhesive tape on the backside for the best result. High Quality LED Made with high quality imported led light for long term glow  and  made with acrylic material. Compatibility:-Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward. Sales Package:-Set Of 4 LED Scuff Sill Plate. Product Warranty:-15 Days Warranty. Installation::-Connect with the interior dome light, the light will automatically on whenever the door will open. You need additional wiring to require and we recommend don't try to install it yourself.Note:-Showing pictures only for a material and quality purpose only, because this is a custom fit product, Actual product will send you according to your car model year and variant for best fitting...
Rs.1,381 Rs.2,832
Ex Tax:Rs.1,170
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Head Lamp Chrome Garnish - Set of 2
-13 %
This tail light chrome cover is compatible only with the Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward model. Build with ABS plastic material triple layered chrome finish. It adds a classical look and appearance to your Car exterior. This trim installs below of number plate steamer area.Installation - We recommend before the installation process make sure your applied surface area is fully dry and clean. Before pasting it you have to slightly heat apply the surface area, you can use a hair dryer to do this after that check the area to match the trim perfectly. then you should be going paste it. do not wash your Car for 3 days after installation...
Rs.1,299 Rs.1,499
Ex Tax:Rs.1,015
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Window Door Visor (Set Of 4Pcs, Black) Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Window Door Visor (Set Of 4Pcs, Black)
-68 %
Brand: Galio Model: DVGLBLKVN
Product descriptionVehicle Compatibility with Venue Facelift 2022 Onwards Set of 4 pcs.Made of high-quality Poly Carbonate material, which is durable and non-breakable.Box packing For safe shippingEnhances and compliments vehicle look.Smooth edges, translucent color, and no color fading materialMade of high perform ROHS material, certified by SGSHigh-quality double-sided adhesive tape is used For firm fitmentFeatures:Improves the aerodynamic stance of the car and provides an aesthetic appealDoor visors will support your car with great Protection against Snow, Sunrays, and Rain letting you roll down windows whenever you need the fresh air to get inside.Helps to reduce the wind noise inside the cabin, especially at high speedsUser Instructions:Clean the surface thoroughly before e sticking the door visor, as any kind of polish, wax or dust will not let double-sided tape fix properly.Double-sided adhesive is on the mounting surface, and easy to stick on your car window.Make sure the body temperature of the car should be 17 and 38 degree Celsius For better fitment.Don’t wash the car door visor till 24 hours after pasting.Apply Galio/3M primer to the car body For 30 sec before e applying the door visor to the metal surface.Remove surface protection film from chrome film For high chrome finish...
Rs.1,216 Rs.3,839
Ex Tax:Rs.950
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Window Door Visor Silver Line (Set Of 4Pcs, Black) Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 Onward Window Door Visor Silver Line (Set Of 4Pcs, Black)
-14 %
GFX presents Hyundai New Venue 2022 Onward Facelift silver line Door visors are manufactured with high-quality ABS material, also known as Window deflector, it comes with a wide range of Advantages, as well as it prevents heat build-up in the car on hot days Elegant appearance; Enhances the look of your car Easy and durable installation with double-sided tape. It is an Interfering protection appliance that allows natural air dissemination inside the car while preventing rain, dust dirt, and other external pollutants from entering the car...
Rs.1,549 Rs.1,800
Ex Tax:Rs.1,210
Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 PU Leatherette Luxury Car Seat Cover With Pillow and Neck Rest  (Coffee & Black) Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022 PU Leatherette Luxury Car Seat Cover With Pillow and Neck Rest  (Coffee & Black)
-45 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: STCCBVENE
These car seats cover is made with imported Australian PU fabric to ensure the best quality result. The advanced machine is used to stitch and finish. These Australian PU fabric seat covers made on the original pattern size will be 100% perfectly matched to the Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022. These seat covers are fully bucketed to ensure getting the perfect fitting. The front seat cover will be fully covered from the backside of the seats and also have a pocket where you can keep important things like documents, mobile chargers and etc. Rear seats also will be fully covered from the backside. This seat cover comes in a complete set with a front seat cover, rear seat cover, and headrest (if applicable in the car).  Seats cover 100% Waterproof highly durable. Custom Fit Seat Covers 100% custom fit seat cover for different makes and models, Our tailor-made seat cover is according to your car seat side for best fitting. Protection that Works If you’re looking for a quick affordable way to breathe new life into the interior of your car then look no further Bucket Fitting Seat Cover Bucket Fitting Seat Cover gives your seat cover an elegant and premium look, our tailer is always made for 100% side-by-side fitting. Fashion design The unique diamond pattern is stylish and non-slip, High-end leather The High-End PU Leatherette is durable, and the matte texture is more advanced Delicate stitching There is no extra thread at the suture to ensure good quality Compatibility:-Hyundai New Venue Facelift 2022. Sales Package:-Front & Rear Seat CoverSet of 2 PillowSet of 2 Neck Rest Product Warranty:-1 Year Fabric Warranty.Installation:-We did not provide the installation for any Car seat cover, we would like to recommend getting the installation from a professional as it saves your time, and also you will get the best result of the fitting. Note:-The images shown are just for illustration of the design and color of the seat covers and may not illustrate the exact seating arrangement of the car. Actual seat covers will be the perfect bucket fit for the seating arrangement for the above-mentioned car model. Once you place the order you will be getting a call from our office to verify your order, vehicle color, and all details.  After your confirmation, we take 2-3 days for making a seat cover for your car model, ..
Rs.7,040 Rs.12,800
Ex Tax:Rs.5,500
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