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Pre Ampplifier Convertor For Honda All Cars Pre Ampplifier Convertor For Honda All Cars
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Brand: Maxlink Model: HNDAMPCONVTR
Product Highlights These are a major time saver when installing an amplifier to a source like an aftermarket without RCA Jacks on it. You run the power wire and ground to your amp like normal and then connect this to the power and turn on the Unit. The unit has a built-in relay when your stock stereo sends sound to the speakers, this device converts the speaker signal to RCA jacks for your amplifier and at the same time, it feeds 12 volts to your turn on of your amplifier that it takes from the power side of the amp. Adjustable level matching from 0 to 2 volts. For Car stereos up to 80 watts...
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Ex Tax:Rs.1,375
Strip LED DRL Daytime Running Light Sequential Turn Signal Lights for Car Headlight
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Brand: Imported Model: SRPDRLLIGHT
Description: Item Name: LED Daytime Running Lamps Material: Plastic Tube Input Voltage: 12V-24V Color: White Yellow / Ice Blue Yellow(If you choose the color white=white+yellow, if you choose the color ice blue=ice blue+yellow) Power Rating: 5W Working Temperature: -40~50 Celsius Light thickness: 0.3cm Length: 45cm / 60cm Wire Connection: Red Wire: connecting to headlight or ACC(+) Black Wire: connecting to battery Negative(-) Yellow Wire: connecting to turn signal(+) Package Included: 2 X Flexible Switchback LED Knight Rider Strip Light..
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