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Formula 1

Brand: Formula 1 Model: FRMLA615016
Product Specification Foams away tough dirt and grime to leave vehicle looking like new Leaves light-duty Carnauba Wax shine and protection between Car waxings Will not harm nor dull paint finish like liquid or powder detergents Offers water-beading protection to all paint finishes Made in the USA..
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Formula 1 Carnauba Wax Paste Car Polish (230 g) Formula 1 Carnauba Wax Paste Car Polish (230 g)
-1 %
Brand: Formula 1 Model: FRMLA1615026
Product Specification Carnauba Paste Wax offers the longest lasting protection for paint finishes Restores paint color, eliminates minor scratches and haze for maximum shine Application on all paint finishes, including clear coat Advanced micropolishers remove minor scratches and haze Made in USA..
₹584 ₹589
Ex Tax:₹495
Car & Bike Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit With 5 Strip
Must Have -70 %
Brand: Formula 1 Model: PNTRKIT
Car & Bike Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit With 5 Strip..
₹177 ₹589
Ex Tax:₹150
Original Formula1 Premuim Liquid Wax Polish (473ml) Original Formula1 Premuim Liquid Wax Polish (473ml)
-16 %
Brand: Formula 1 Model: F1LQWX
Usage Instructions:Using Premium Wash & Wax is a great way to get the best protection and shine. With a high quality car wash, we recommend two buckets for washing. One soapy bucket and one bucket for clean rinsing. First, pour Formula 1 Premium Wash & Wax in the bucket you plan to use for soapy water. Use this to clean and scrub off any dirt or grime. Formula 1 super sponge is perfect for this part of the job. Then rinse off your car with a bucket of clean water. Once you are done we suggest drying with Super Dry because the plush microfiber absorbs quickly and won't scratch the surface. With a clean car, you are ready to hit the road!Warranty: NAIn The Box: One Unit of Formula 1 Premium Liquid Wax (473 ml).Product Specification When applied on the car, the super polymers crosslink to form a clear durable coating.Bonds to paint finish making a lasting barrier against environmental damages.In long term testing, Formula 1's cross-linked super polymer coating lasted over 2 times longer than other waxes.Gives heavy-duty super polymer shine and protection as it washes.Rich foam easily cleans dirt, brake dust and road film.Keeps auto finishes beautiful and protected between waxing’s.Made in USA...
₹799 ₹950
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