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Volmax Universal Car LED Fog Lamp with DRL Daytime Running Light & Matrix Turn Signal (Set of 2Pcs.) Volmax Universal Car LED Fog Lamp with DRL Daytime Running Light & Matrix Turn Signal (Set of 2Pcs.)
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Brand: Volmax Model: UNIVSLFLDRL
DRL Lights is a daytime running light device paced on the front of the vehicle. These lights automatically turn on when the vehicle is in the drive. The purpose to install drl in the vehicle is to provide extra visibility to your vehicle on the road so that other Car drivers and pedestrians can easily see your vehicle. DRL lights make your driving safer and reduce the collision from the pedestrians and other drivers. DRL lights also add style on your vehicle and make your vehicle looks bold.Product Highlights100 % waterproof and shake-proof.built with superior ABS plastic material. Long-Lasting and Durable.Plug and play type and fit perfectly.No need to cut any wire.Vehicle compatibility: Universal..
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Tata Tigor/Tiago HD Touch Screen Android Stereo (2GB, 16GB) with Canbus & Stereo Frame By Hypersonic
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Brand: Hypersonic Model: ANDSTEREOTTTT-HP
This touchscreen stereo comes with the in-built WI-FI/multi-touch/Bluetooth/and game features. It is the complete entertainment and information device for your car. you can play HD movies and songs with Bluetooth or WiFi. 16 GB internal memory and 2 GB of ram make this device to run properly. it is also supporting steering wheel control if your model has the steering control option. you can connect the reverse parking camera to the stereo easily. this device comes with the attached frame that makes your installation job very easy you don't need to purchase any extra frame because it comes with exact size frame for Tata Tigor/Tiago. all wires, GPS, connector and USB extension include in this box. if you are worried about the warranty then you don't need to think about it because there no wiring cutting to install this stereo 100% coupler to coupler fitting.  we recommended please mention your Car model in the comment section before placing your order.Product HighlightsCapacitive digital TFT Touch Screen1080P HD DefinitionMOSFET amplifier:60watts X 4 max power outputFM Range:87.5MHz~108.00mhzPower-off with auto-memory store function16 GB internal memory and 2 GB of ramclock functionmute functionbt functionBass & Treble, L&R channel stabilizerAux Input functioneasy connection4G OptionalGorilla GlassDigital Signal Processing InsideCompatible with an OEM parking sensor.Compatible with door display.Compatible with steering mounted controls.Compatible with an analog panel and parking sensor switch.Compatible with OEM cameraCompatible with climate control display support only higher models.Compatible with mood light original OEM amplifier(Hexa).Compatible with door lock-unlock and all other OEM featsupport the Music playback format of mp3, WWA, AAC, WAV, FLAC, APEsupport the Video playback format for Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, SP/ASP, GMS, XVID, H.263, H.264, AVS, JPEG/MJEPGWiring DiagramFront Left Speaker+Rear right Speaker-Front Left Speaker-Rear Right Speaker+Front Right Speaker+Rear Left Speaker+Front Left Speaker-Rear Left Speaker-Parking Sensor Control wiresPower Antenna/ Amplifier Turn OnReverse DetectionSteering wheel key control line+12V Accessory/SwitchILLGround Wire+12 Constant Power SupplyInstallation: If you or your mechanic face any issue while installing the stereo so don't worry about it we will provide you a video call from a company engineer and they will guide and solve your all issues. Warranty: One-year manufacturer warranty...
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Silicone Key Remote Cover for Tata Zest, Bolt, Tiago, Tigor and Nexon - (Flip Key Model) Silicone Key Remote Cover for Tata Zest, Bolt, Tiago, Tigor and Nexon - (Flip Key Model)
-50 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Imported Model: TAFLKYSKCVR
This silicone Car remote key cover only compatible with the tata zest, bolt, tiago. tigor and nexon model. The key cover protects your Car key remote from unwanted scratches and damage.  It will provide a better grip due to its silicone material. Unlock and lock icon mention on the cover for your convenience. We strongly request you kindly match your Car key remote before place an order for this product. Product Specification Vehicle Compatibility: Tata Zest, Bolt, Tiago, Tigor and Nexon (Flip Key).  Key compatibility: flip key as shown in the image for reference. Do not purchase for any other key models. Kindly compare your cars' key with the key image shown for the reference so as to make sure that the product is suitable for your cars' key. The key image is shown for reference only...
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Car Door LED Light Scuff Sill Plate Guards for Tata Tiago (Set of 4 Pcs.) Car Door LED Light Scuff Sill Plate Guards for Tata Tiago (Set of 4 Pcs.)
-48 %
Brand: Imported Model: LEDFSTPTIAGO
This car led footstep sill plates is 100% brand new product. It is made of hard acrylic material with led lights and not allowing bent. It gives a nice light effect to your vehicle when you open your car door, the light will on automatically. Superior material is used to made for it to ensure the best finish and durability. High gloss black finish looks elegant on the vehicle. ..
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Wireless Hyundai Logo Shadow Projector Ghost Lights Kit For Tata Tiago Of 2 Wireless Hyundai Logo Shadow Projector Ghost Lights Kit For Tata Tiago Of 2
-42 %
This shadow ghost lights for all tata cars, these shadow lights have a sensor that will work with the door opening and closing every time you open the door it will on automatically and create a shadow of the Logo on the surface. This product is completely wireless especially design for Car modification for making your vehicle fancy gives more fun to the driver. its result is very bright at night or in dark places. There Two small magnets include in package you to place this magnet on door sill area when close the door shadow light comes close to this magnet and turn off automatically. installation is very easy no deed to wiring and drilling on the Car body, just stick the light on Car door panel at the bottom side and stick the magnet on Car door frame sill area. FeaturesThe product can be installed at the body kit, chassis or another suitable place.Easy to install with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, no more trouble in making a hole.High power, high efficiency, energy-saving, no noise, no electric interface.3d style laser light of the illuminated entry systemSpecial design causes the product with strict waterproof and thermal performance, which will make sure the normal service in various harsh environments. Specification1.Powered by 3x AAA batteries 4.5V (batteries are not included)2.Output power: 3W3.Operating temperature: -40 degrees~105 degrees4.Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5cm5.Special Features: Laser light,door lights,welcome lightInstall Instruction1. Install instructions about the batteries: Put 3 pcs AAA(1.5V) batteries in the battery case and install them according to the positive & negative as marked in the case. Then close the batteries case.2. Install instruction of the shadow light: Stick the Magnet on the bottom of the Car frame. Stick the Car light on the Car door. The distance between the Magnet & Car light is about 10mm. When you close the Car door, the Magnet is at the under the face of the sensor on the Car logo light.3. Automatic Control & Manual Control: When you open the door, the logo will be shown on the ground, and it will turn off automatically after 2 minutes. If you want the light on/off, just need to press the button on the head of the light. ..
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Tata Tiago Premium 5D Car Floor Mats (Set of 3, Black & Beige) Tata Tiago Premium 5D Car Floor Mats (Set of 3, Black & Beige)
-53 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: 5DMTSPLTIAGO
This is the latest 5d car floor mats special edition for the Tata Tiago. The five-layer structure protects the car interior of your car with style, safety, and comfort in your daily ride. Five-dimensional designs measured to exact cabin contours of your cars with raised edges that give maximum coverage and protection to the vehicle interior, waterproof, effectively contain mess and spills. Surface layer made of Thermoplastic Rubber of carbon fiber texture to complement your vehicles in the style you desired. Semi-hard XPE foaming inner layer minimizes foot fatigue and provides the sound barrier for a quieter ride, yet the material is non-toxic and odorless. These mats add a class in your Car interior and give you the luxury feel in your car interior.Product HighlightsUpper Layer-LeatheriteMiddle Layer-EVABottom Layer-MaxpiderThe five-layer structure protects the car interior.Proper edge to edge fitment according to the car model.Provide maximum protection from Water, Mud, Dust, Oil, etc.Easy to install and maintain.100% waterproof and washable.Vehicle Compatibility: Tata Tiago all Models.Installation: Before you start,  clean the carpet area with a vacuum cleaner so that there is no dust or debris under it. Now, take each mat and identify which mat would fit each side. And easily fit all matsWarranty: One Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty..
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Tata Tiago Fog Light Complete Assembly Tata Tiago Fog Light Complete Assembly
-47 %
Brand: Volmax Model: FOGLTIAGO
These fog lights are only compatible with the Tata Tiago. It is OEM type fog lamp that is perfectly fit into your car, you don't need to any alteration in your Car body, just remove exiting fog cover and fix it. wiring will be very simple because it is plug and play type socket to socket fitting, to ensure your warranty will not lapse. you will get the two fog lamp, 2 bulb, wiring, switch and nuts in the box. a manufacturer that meets OE standardsFit perfectly no modification Quality Is Equal to the originalexcellent light transmission with the Quartz Halogen BulbABS Plastic MaterialPlug and Play type no need to cut any wire..
Rs.2,400 Rs.4,500
Ex Tax:Rs.2,400
Special Design Car Center Armrest Console for Tata Tiago all Models Special Design Car Center Armrest Console for Tata Tiago all Models
-58 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: DSNRAMETIAGO
This special car armrest design to upgrade your interior look and comfort also. Armrest console made with the wooden material and wrap with high-quality Napa Leaherite fabric. A transparent acrylic sheet is used to give the luxury feel to the armrest and your car interior. There is an extra tray that has 2 whole of glass size where you can hold your glass, glass holder tray can remove any time when you want . you can store some personal items under this tray also.  Installation is very easy you just have to place armrest in the car center console area and adjust it. we recommend always place armrest from back seat to easy installation.  ..
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Car Automatic Window Sunshade for Tata Tiago Set of 4 Car Automatic Window Sunshade for Tata Tiago Set of 4
-8 %
Brand: Swastik Model: AMTCRTNTIAGO
Rolls up and down automatically when your window down and up. An aluminum tube with the sunshade and hook is attached to the sunshade for following the window up and down.  imported fabric restricted the light which comes from outside so outside people are unable to see inside the car, but people from inside can see the outside because it is one-sided sunshade. It provides more privacy while driving the car. Protect your Car interior from UV Rays and help to keep your Car interior cool inside and enhance your air conditioner efficiency by about 60%.  installation is very easy. Product Highlightautomatically rolls up and down with window glass.protect from UV direct sun rays.anti-dust and 100% waterproof.Vehicle Compatibility: Tata Tiago..
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Premium Quality Roof Rail Garnish For Tata Tiago (Custom Fit)
-60 %
Brand: Imported Model: RFRLTIAGO
Roof Rails are placed on the top of car roof. The purpose is to install roof rails in any car to carry bulky luggage. But in some hatchback, the roof rail is used to maintain a balance of the car in high speed or some people installed roof rail in the car to enhance the vehicle exterior look. In modern car design, roof rail is must-have accessories in your car. Every roof rail is different in size and design according to the car models. This roof rail fit only Tata Tiago model.Product SpecificationElegant design Like an OEMMade With ABS Plastic MaterialEasy to install, no screw & drilling requireEnhance your vehicle exterior looksVehicle Compatibility: Tata Tiago..
Rs.3,584 Rs.8,959
Ex Tax:Rs.2,800
Leathride Texured 3D Car Floor Mats For Tata Tiago Leathride Texured 3D Car Floor Mats For Tata Tiago
-47 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: 3DMTTIAGO
3d mats are custom fit design mats that make according to the Car model. every Car model has different shape and size that's why every 3d mat have different shape and size to match the Car model. These mats are perfectly match to the your Car model and provide the maximum protection from dust oil. mud etc. 3d mats is just like tray mats so they trap the oil, dust, water, mud etc and you can easily take them out and clean it. 3d mats are 100% washable and waterproof. Product Highlightscustom fit design according to the Car model.Protect you Car interior from oil, mud, water,dust etc.Waterproof and easy to wash & clean.Easy to place into your car...
Rs.999 Rs.1,899
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Custom Fitted Wooden Car Center Console Hand Armrest for Tata Tiago all Models Custom Fitted Wooden Car Center Console Hand Armrest for Tata Tiago all Models
-58 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: AMTIAGO
When you go for a long drive comfort is a very important thing. some vehicle has an inbuilt unique Center Armrest Console for comfortable driving and some vehicle has no armrest option. But you can install an aftermarket armrest product in your Car to make your driving experience more comfortable. This wooden custom fit armrest built with good quality material and finishes. The armrest is fully custom fit according to the vehicle brand and model. you don't have to require any drilling and screw to install it, It is Plug and Play type.This armrest is only compatible with the Tata Tiago Model we recommend you please read the product title carefully...
Rs.1,382 Rs.3,327
Ex Tax:Rs.1,080
Carmate Parachute Fabric Waterproof Car Body Cover for Tata Tiago all Model Carmate Parachute Fabric Waterproof Car Body Cover for Tata Tiago all Model
-11 %
Brand: Carmate Model: BDYCVRTIAGO
If you are looking for Waterproof, High-Quality Fabric, Strong and all-weather Car Body Cover for Tata Tiago, this is the right product for you.  this Car body covers fully custom fit and specially designed for Tata Tiago and the custom fit body cover is very tough, long-lasting, easy to use and hassle-free installation. The Parachute Cover is designed to protect your vehicle & provide unbeatable year-around protection from water, frost, high temperature, snow, dust, dirt, pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, and UV fading. Made by high-strength and high-density Taffeta material. These covers provide affordable, basic protection. The cover features a full elastic hem to ensure a snug fit.In The Box: 1 Pcs Carmate Car Body Cover for Tata Tiago..
Rs.1,099 Rs.1,240
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Car Full Window Chrome Garnish Trims For Tata Tiago
-42 %
Brand: Imported Model: DVCLTATATIAGO
This window garnish is only compatible with tata tiago only. The window garnish is made of steel material with a triple layer chrome-plated finish. soft molded edges to gives you the best quality output. It covers the complete window area upper as well as side, perfectly edge to edge fitting with exact size...
Rs.2,499 Rs.4,299
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Car Window Door Visor For Tata Tiago Set Of 4 (Black)
-67 %
Brand: Galio Model: DVTIAGO
Rs.999 Rs.2,999
Ex Tax:Rs.999
Techo Best Quality O.E Type Mudflap For Tata Tiago Set Of 4
-50 %
Brand: Techo Model: MDFLPTIAGO
Rs.499 Rs.999
Ex Tax:Rs.499
Tata Tiago Lower Window Chrome Garnish Trims (Set Of 4) Tata Tiago Lower Window Chrome Garnish Trims (Set Of 4)
-70 %
Brand: Imported Model: LFRNSHTGO
This lower window chrome garnishes made out of stainless steel material with a triple-layer chrome finish. Purpose to the install this chrome garnish trim is to enhance the car side profile look and add some metal finish look to the vehicle. Installation is very easy, double-sided tape is attached on the backside of each piece so that you can install it by self, but professionals installation would be preferred for best result. Do not wash your car for 3-4 days after the installation of this garnish. This chrome garnish trims size and dimensions according to the Tata Tiago only...
Rs.832 Rs.2,815
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Tata Tiago Custom Fit Car Window Fixed Sun Shades - Set of 4 Tata Tiago Custom Fit Car Window Fixed Sun Shades - Set of 4
-58 %
Brand: Sun Bun Model: FXDCRTNTIAGO
Custom-fit car window sunshade helps to reduce the temperature of the car interior, They are blocking harmful UV rays from outside. Custom-fit car window sun shades manufactured with superior quality with a multi-layered fabric that reflects harmful UV rays. These accessories not only design to perform well but it also looks good to your vehicle. Apart from protecting car interior from UV rays these window sunshades also provide privacy for passengers and drivers. People can see outside of the car, but people can not see inside from the outside. There is having a cut in front two sunshades to seeing the side mirror of the vehicle that makes your driving very easy, you can also use these cut when you are smoking and want throw any wrapper, etc. Size and dimension of these sunshades only according to the Tata Tiago model.Installation: Very easy to install, you just have to fix them in the car window from, no need to any drilling or screwing required.Product SpecificationProtect the car interior from harmful UV rays.They Did not obstruct the side mirror while driving.Help to keep the car interior temperature low.Perfect Fit - custom fit for the exact year/make/vehicle model.Easy to install, maintain and store.Vehicle Compatibility: Tata Tiago..
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