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Mahindra XUV700 Car Window Rain Door Visor With Silver Chrome Line GFX (Set of 6 Pcs.) Mahindra XUV700 Car Window Rain Door Visor With Silver Chrome Line GFX (Set of 6 Pcs.)
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Brand: GFX Model: GFWV-069
Window Car Door Visor Help to kept the window open in the light rain weather so that you can enjoy the rain. It also ensures that car window shields do not fog due to humidity. The door visor also prevents the direct sun rays on the side of the car. Apart from these Car Door Visors also enhance the exterior look of the car. The Door Visor also allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain and wind out. Stylish Look Excellent design that enhances your car side profile look. Custom Fit Custom-fit design to ensure perfect fitting & size according to the specific vehicle model & brand. Comfort and Safety The door visor also deflects the wind, which reduces the noise outside of the car when you drive. Door Visor Easy Installation Step 1 Place the door visor on the window frame to check the position of pieces, before installation of door visor. Step 2 Clean and wipe properly apply surface area to make sure there was no dust, moisture, and water on the applied surface area. Step 3 Now remove the seal of the double-sided strong adhesive tape which is attached on the backside of every piece of the door visor. Step 4 Ensure accurate position, then press the product to make it tightly. Step 5 Do not wash your Car for 2-3 days after in material stacking window door visor. Step 6 You have all done now remove the blue-tinted wrapper from the chrome or silver line.   Compatibility:-For XUV700 Sales Package:- Set of 6 Door Visor. Product Warranty:-1 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty. Note:-Showing pictures only for a material and quality purpose only, because this is a custom fit product, Actual product will send you according to your car model year and variant for best fitting...
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