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MG Hector Accessories

MG Hector Accessories

Hector Accessories

Premium Quality Wide Range Of Car Accessories For MG Hector

Mg Hector is a premium SUV car and it was launched at disruptive pricing that undercuts all competition in the segment. The hector is the British car brand. The competitive pricing against a number of rivals including Toyota Innova Crysta, tata harrierjeep compass, Fortuner and Tata Hexa. hector is available in different variants and gives the buyer to choose just the right version for themselves.
Mg Hector accessories will uplift the performance, style, comfort, and enhance you all features and functionality of your car to the next level.
Carhatke offers a wide range of MG hector accessories like interior car accessories, exterior car accessories, car drl lights, car styling accessories at carhatke India's most trusted online brand for car accessories. offer an extensive best car accessories for all car models and their brands.
The company does not miss giving the best premium accessories for MG Hector in each segment for all variants so that every customer gets what he wants. please check the complete range of accessories at carhatke.

Premium Exclusive MG Hector Car Accessories Price List

1. 7D Luxury Car Floor Mat For MG Hector Black Set Of 3Rs. 5,175
2. Car Automatic Window Sunshade For MG Hector Set Of 4Rs. 3,499
3. MG Hector Side Door Scuff LED Foot Step Sill Plate GuardRs. 1,399
4. Car Window Door Visor With Chrome Line For MG Hector (Imported)Rs. 1,499
5. MG Hector Side Door Scuff Sill Guards Foot Step - Set Of 4Rs. 750
6. MG Hector Chrome Garnish Accessories Full Combo Pack 18 Pieces- ImportedRs. 12,000
7. MG Hector Window Lower Chrome Garnish Trim 6 Pieces- ImportedRs. 1,450
8. MG Hector Tail Light Chrome Garnish Cover 2 Pieces- ImportedRs. 1,650
9. MG Hector Side Mirror Chrome Garnish Cover 2 Pieces- ImportedRs. 1,050
10. MG Hector Headlight Chrome Garnish Cover 2 Pieces- ImportedRs. 1,650

Carhatke 130W Car H7 LED Headlight Bulb 6000K Pure White 13600LM Carhatke 130W Car H7 LED Headlight Bulb 6000K Pure White 13600LM
Best Selling LED -40 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: CHL130W-H7
Optimize for All Cars The luminous point and the position of the chuck are the same height as the halogen lamp, perfect replacement. Great Visibility Adopting car-grade G-XP chip, 360-degree light emission, without any dark spots and blind areas, making driving safer. Minimization The Temperature Water Test to prove the manufacturing quality, you can put the LED bulb into the water and the LED light will keep lighting. Dual Heat Dissipation System The bulb is equipped with a fan, heat sink, liquid cooling tube, multiple heat dissipation, extend the life more 30,000 hours. Hydraulic Control Built-in decoding chip, greatly reducing the problem of flicker, error message and radio interference. Advanced Cooling Fan Imported COB lighting source low power consuming, Long life-span and Powerful anti-static performance If you expect a quality LED headlight bulb that is combined with high-quality, super brightness of 130 Watts and efficient heat dissipation, if you are worried about the error code when installing the bulb. Featuring with its outstanding triple cooling system and a high number of 130W 13,600LM . Carhatke LED headlight bulb provides you with a brighter light, better heat dissipation, longer lifespan and 99% compatibility. Canbus-Ready Design With an upgraded intelligent Canbus design, This Carhatke LED bulb is compatible with 99% of vehicles with no radio interference, no flicking or error code, preventing over-voltage and over-current protection function. Perfect Light Beam Pattern The flip chip inside the LED car bulb is perfectly positioned to fix the housing in the correct spot. This ensures the best light beam pattern with a perfect 45°cut-off line for low beam and super focused light for high beam. You can also rotate the light beam pattern with a 360°retainer. There’s no dark spot, no issue with blinding oncoming traffic. Quick Specs:-Save Power: Consumers Only 130 Watts(65 Each)Color: 6000K Cool WhiteOperating Life: >30000hrsOperating Temperature: -40C ~+90CInput Power: 130W +10%Operating Voltage: DC 12-24VLuminous Flux: 13600LMIP Rate: IP68Light Source Model: G-XP x3 CustomizedHeat Dissipation: Aviation Aluminum 6063+Red copper+ Dual Heat Coducting Tubes Wiring Diagram:-Long Span LifeInstant StartHighest Light EfficiencyRain ResistantLow BeamHigh BeamImported COB Sales Package:-H1H4H19H7H8/H11/H16H27/880/881HB4/9006HB3/90059012 Socket Types:-H7 Sales Package:-2x Light Bulbs Product Warranty:-1 Year Warranty By Warranty:1 Year complete replacement warranty by if you are facing any issues with the led bulb just call us on our registered contact number and we will replace your bulb within 7 Days...
₹3,540 ₹5,899
Ex Tax:₹3,000
Cnleague MG Hector 2019 Onwards Front Bonnet Chrome Garnish Cnleague MG Hector 2019 Onwards Front Bonnet Chrome Garnish
-21 %
Brand: Cnleague Model: BNTHC19
These chrome garnishes made out of stainless steel material with a triple-layer chrome finish. Purpose to the install this chrome garnish trim is to enhance the car profile look and add some metal finish look to the vehicle. Installation is very easy, double-sided tape is attached on the backside of each piece so that you can install it by yourself, but professionals installation would be preferred for the best result. Installation: - Clean up properly applied area, make sure it's 100% dry, you can use a hair drier to provide some heat for the best result. do not wash your Car for 3-4 days after installation. ..
₹1,408 ₹1,792
Ex Tax:₹1,100
Galio MG Hector 2019 Onwards Window Door Visor with Chrome Line Galio MG Hector 2019 Onwards Window Door Visor with Chrome Line
-30 %
Brand: Galio Model: GSD-083
Window Car Door Visor Help to kept the window open in the light rain weather so that you can enjoy the rain. It also ensures that car window shields do not fog due to humidity. The door visor also prevents the direct sun rays on the side of the car. Apart from these Car Door Visors also enhance the exterior look of the car. The Door Visor also allows fresh air to naturally circulate through open windows while keeping the rain and wind out. Stylish Look Excellent design that enhances your car side profile look. Custom Fit Custom-fit design to ensure perfect fitting & size according to the specific vehicle model & brand. Comfort and Safety The door visor also deflects the wind, which reduces the noise outside of the car when you drive. Door Visor Easy Installation Step 1 Place the door visor on the window frame to check the position of pieces, before installation of door visor. Step 2 Clean and wipe properly apply surface area to make sure there was no dust, moisture, and water on the applied surface area. Step 3 Now remove the seal of the double-sided strong adhesive tape which is attached on the backside of every piece of the door visor. Step 4 Ensure accurate position, then press the product to make it tightly. Step 5 Do not wash your Car for 2-3 days after in material stacking window door visor. Step 6 You have all done now remove the blue-tinted wrapper from the chrome or silver line.   Compatibility:-For MG Hector Sales Package:- Set of 4 Door Visor. Product Warranty:-1 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty. Note:-Showing pictures only for a material and quality purpose only, because this is a custom fit product, Actual product will send you according to your car model year and variant for best fitting...
₹1,535 ₹2,200
Ex Tax:₹1,199
GFX G Drive Big Side Vent - Dynamic
-14 %
Brand: GFX Model: GFXU-047
₹1,550 ₹1,800
Ex Tax:₹1,314
GFX G Drive Universal Side Vent - Robust
-14 %
Brand: GFX Model: GFXU-049
₹1,550 ₹1,800
Ex Tax:₹1,314
GFX MG Hector 2019 Onwards Custom Fit LLM LifeLong TPV Mats  - Set Of 3 Pcs. GFX MG Hector 2019 Onwards Custom Fit LLM LifeLong TPV Mats  - Set Of 3 Pcs.
-30 % Out Of Stock
Brand: GFX Model: LLMHCTOR
These mats are made by a very well-known brand GFX. Highly durable mats made with rubber and TPV material with perfect size according to vehicle model. These mats are 100% waterproof and protect the vehicle from, water, oil, dirt, and snow, moreover these mats also look very nice and decent in the car. Branded Product GFX Introduces the most advanced concept for car floor protection that gives a touch of class. These interior floor mats improvise all aspects of your car's - front, back, and side-foot space in an elegant manner. Long-Lasting Long-lasting floor mats also have anti-skid ridges on the underside of the GFX car floor mat to prevent from sliding inside the car, offering a splendid experience and safety to the driver and passengers. All Season All-season vehicle mats having deeply sculpted channels designed to trap water, road salt, mud, and sand. these mats have been designed and engineered to prevent curling and cracking in below O-degree celsius weather too! Car Interior Decoration Mode.Waterproof and Washable: The material used is waterproof and washable. You can wash the mat with soap and a soft cloth to keep it clean for long periods of time.Dust-free: Protects the floor space from dust, mud, snow, water and keeps your organized belongings safe and clean. Keeps the original carpet clean, safe, secure until you remove it to wash it.Odorless: This floor mat does not leave any smell and maintains the natural fragrance of the car intact.Black Color: To enhance the beauty of your car, black color is available which does right with every color of the car. The darkness maintains it for a long period of time until you get time to clean it. Customized fitting: To give a luxury style to your car, the floor mat gets a customized fitting as per the car's size and organizes your belongings to travel safely. Compatibility:-MG Hector 2019 Onwards. Sales Package:-Set of 3 GFX TPV Mats. Product Warranty:-1 Month Manufacturing Defect Warranty. FAQ:-Q. Is this mat is a universal type, can we fit it in any car model.Ans. No, These mats are 100% custom fit mats made according to the specific vehicle.Q. Are these mats are 100% waterproof mats.Ans. Yes, These mats are 100% waterproof, dustproof.Q. Are these mats cover the entire floor area.Ans. Yes, because of its raised edges it provides complete.Note:-Showing pictures only for a material and quality purpose only, because this is a custom fit product, Actual product will send you according to your car model year and variant for best fitting...
₹3,699 ₹5,250
Ex Tax:₹2,890
MG Hector 2019-21 Fog lamp Bracket For 3" Projector Fitting MG Hector 2019-21 Fog lamp Bracket For 3" Projector Fitting
-22 %
Brand: imported Model: BRCHCT
Making it easier for MG Hector 2019-21 owners to install a 3-inch fog light projector, we are introducing custom-made mounting brackets, which are directly fixed.These mounting brackets are made of Plastic. These brackets are specifically designed to carry a fixed 3" Projector for fog lamp installation.It comes in mate black colour but can be painted in any color of your choice/need. Ensuring a clean OEM look, these brackets fit in without any modification to the original structure of the bumper in the MG Hector 2019-21.Moreover, we have included adjustable clamps with multiple holes, which makes aligning the fog light projector easy...
₹2,124 ₹2,714
Ex Tax:₹1,800
MG Hector Screen Activator/ Video in Motion (imported) MG Hector Screen Activator/ Video in Motion (imported)
-4 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Imported Model: MGSCNP
Screen Activator enables you twitches video content on your OEM fitted car multimedia player while driving the car. It unlocks the video on move features so that the consumer could enjoy his/her favorite video songs while driving the car.Installation:Product installation is very simple, just open your car Touch Screen Player and put this coupler between SmartPlay Studio Player and Car wiring. Coupler to Coupler installation makes it convenient to fit, No single wire cut is required, and no software unlock is required, so your car warranty will be safe.Compatibility:Only Compatible with MG Hector/ Hector Plus.Package Contents:1 X Screen Activator..
₹2,950 ₹3,068
Ex Tax:₹2,500
Areon Car Perfume Spray  - 100 ML Areon Car Perfume Spray  - 100 ML
-32 %
Brand: Areon Model: 18580
Fragrances are very important for us to keep our mind fresh and it has a great impact on our comfort in our car, home, and office. Areon Car spray perfume Blue a good choice to keep your Car fresh inside and provide a long lasting fragrance results. It designs to keep the environment fresh for a long time. you can spray this perfume in your home area, office as well as in your car. make your place pleasant clear air from the odor...
₹1,092 ₹1,600
Ex Tax:₹925
Blaupunkt Reverse Parking Moving Camera BC DH4.4 AHD Blaupunkt Reverse Parking Moving Camera BC DH4.4 AHD
-11 %
Brand: Blaupunkt Model: 17991
170° Universal OE Fitment Type Rear Number Plate Camera with AHD Picture Quality and Dynamic Guidelines 170° Universal OE Fitment Type Rear Number Plate Camera with AHD Picture Quality & Dynamic Guidelines BC DH4.4 AHD (OE Fitment Type Rear Number Plate Camera) is equipped with high end 1/3" CMOS colour sensor and is Element Ready. It is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It consumes very little power due to the design and use of modern circuitry inside. It has Moving Guidelines. C-MOS Sensor A CMOS sensor is an electronic chip that converts photons to electrons for digital processing. BC DH4.4 AHD incorporates a highly efficient colour sensor and modern electronics, reducing power consumption. This reverse parking camera can be installed in any Car for reverse parking. camera supports all kinds of stereo for the rearview video.. if you are thinking about what size should i drill or how can match the radius of the camera for correct size drilling then don't worry about that camera comes with an included drill blade. Compatibility:-1280(H) x 720(V) Minimum Resolution Display General Specifications:-Power Supply: DC12V±3V Video System: AHD Current Consumption: 50mA Optical Format: 1/3 Image Sensor: CMOS lens Effective Pixels: 1280(H) x 720(V) 25fps Video Signal: 1.0 Vp-p / 75ohm Lens Angle: 170° (D), 110° (H),100° (V) Electronic Shutter: 1/60 ~ 1/100000 sec White Balance: AutoHumidity: up to 90%Water Resistant: IP67 Illumination Min.: 0.01Lux Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C Product Warranty:-1-Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty...
₹2,832 ₹3,199
Ex Tax:₹2,400
Carhatke Universal Car Rear Spoiler LED Strip Turning Signal Flexible Strip Light (3.9ft, 12V ) Carhatke Universal Car Rear Spoiler LED Strip Turning Signal Flexible Strip Light (3.9ft, 12V )
-50 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: 17195
Easy To Install 5 Min Setup and quick wiring. easy to adjust the position and cut the perfect size to match your car. Strong Build Build with high-quality flexible and durable polyUrethane Material for long-term use. Water-Resistant High-Density Waterproof Material ensures your led spoiler is protected from Wind/ Rain/ Snow and the elements. Easy Installation: Step 1 Measure the length of your trunk from trunk edge to trunk edge. Trim the spoiler size. Step 2 Rub the mounting area with the 3M Primer and let dry for 45 seconds. Step 3 Press the spoiler on the mounting area. Power the LED spoiler and find your vehicle's corresponding wiring.After Installation: Compatibility:-For All Cars, Sales Package:-1 x LED universal spoiler Product Warranty:-1 Month..
₹1,475 ₹2,950
Ex Tax:₹1,250
GFX G Drive Big Side Vent - Radiant GFX G Drive Big Side Vent - Radiant
-14 %
Brand: GFX Model: 17167
₹1,550 ₹1,800
Ex Tax:₹1,314
GFX G Drive Small Side Vent - Universal GFX G Drive Small Side Vent - Universal
-17 %
Brand: GFX Model: 17096
₹1,499 ₹1,800
Ex Tax:₹1,270
MG Hector 2015 Onwards Zipper Magnetic Window Sun Shades Set Of 6 MG Hector 2015 Onwards Zipper Magnetic Window Sun Shades Set Of 6
-7 %
Brand: Carhatke Model: SNSDEZPRHCTR
This magnetic sunshade protects you from unwanted heat and sun glare. Magnetic sunshades are custom-fit sunshades that ensure exact size and match according to the car model. Magnets are used on the edges for easy installation. you just have to open your car door and place the sunshade closer to the window frame on it and it will automatically stick on the frame. No professional skills required to install it. The magnet also provides security when you down your window glass at high speed. This magnetic sunshade keeps your car interior cool inside and increase your AC performance in hot weather. front two sunshades have the zip option that can open some space of shades where you can easily throw unwanted things outside from your car.Product Highlights Easy to install, no screw and drilling required. Exact size according to your Car window. Prevent UV sun-rays heat. Help to keep the temperature low of the car interior. Vehicle Compatibility:- MG Hector. ..
₹1,664 ₹1,791
Ex Tax:₹1,300