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Wireless Car USB Projector Star Light For Ceiling Atmosphere Lighting Effect Wireless Car USB Projector Star Light For Ceiling Atmosphere Lighting Effect
New -52 %
Brand: Imported Model: USBSTLIT
Product Specification Multi-Pattern Adjustable-Through rotating the head of the star projector, you can enjoy many projection patterns, the light source is stable Plug & Play-Simply connect the light to any USB port and attach it to the armrest box or any place you want to place it. Open the switch and use it Create Romantic Atmosphere-As a mood lighting, build a romantic starry sky atmosphere in your car, bedroom or party Multi-function-The Fun roof USB lights can be used as night lights, room decoration, Car decoration, USB night light Easy to Carry-Mini size, easy to put star projector into your pocket or handbag..
Rs.454 Rs.944
Ex Tax:Rs.385
JBL Car Amplifier 4 Channel - GX A646SI
-30 %
Brand: JBL Model: GX A646SI
Rs.6,608 Rs.9,428
Ex Tax:Rs.5,600
JBL Cylindrical Bass Tube - GT-X1300THI
-39 %
Brand: JBL Model: GT-X1300THI
Product Specification Peak power - 1300 watts, rms power-325 wats Bass-reflex subwoofer tube enclosure with vented port Robust grill for subwoofer cone protection Mounting strap to secure the subwoofer in car Sensitivity 2,83 v/m - 92 DB Frequency response: 35hz - 200hz Impedance - 4 ohms Dimension - 13 inch x 26 inch (330mm x 660mm)..
Rs.5,723 Rs.9,428
Ex Tax:Rs.4,850
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Pack of 4
-66 %
Brand: Imported Model: MFBRCLTH
Product Specification Pack of 4 ultra-soft, premium quality microfiber cloth, 40 cm x 40 cm Thickness: 250 GSM, cloth material made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide (nylon) Amazingly absorbent demolishes dust and dirt; Easy to clean and dry, gently lifts, traps the dirt and grime like a magnet until its been washed; It's ultra-soft fine fibers makes the cleaning easy like a professional Microfibre cleaning cloth holds up to 8 times its weight in water, making it great for wet washing. Plush, super-soft microfiber clothes are ideal for cleaning tasks in the home, garage, office, hotels, Restaurants, Kitchen, Laptop and all shiny surfaces. Tips: 1. wash new cloth before use, 2. Dont wash with other fabrics, 3. Dry in normal heat..
Rs.275 Rs.800
Ex Tax:Rs.275
Car Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Duster Car Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Duster
-52 %
Brand: Imported Model: DSTER
Microfiber telescoping Car cleaning duster grab & trap all dirt and dust. its flexible head can be a band and make cleaning job easy in a window blind, ceiling fan, racks. crown molding. Product SpecificationThis Car wash brush is a great tool for washing cars, sofa, window. The elastic cuff can make sure the wash mitt stays on your hand while you're washing your car.A very efficient tool for removing dust from the interior and exterior of the carMade of super-soft hand-washable microfiber, no lint dropped, it can remove dust, dirt and lint effectively without scratching your car.Used for mopping, dusting, upholstery and dry cleaning purposes. Washable and reusable. Instantly locks onto contaminants and allergens like dust, pollen dander and more...
Rs.385 Rs.800
Ex Tax:Rs.385
8 in 1 Car Washing Jet Water Canon Spray Gun 8 in 1 Car Washing Jet Water Canon Spray Gun
-38 %
Brand: Imported Model: 8IN1SPRY
This 8 in 1 jet water cannon spray gun is multipurpose, you can use it for Car washing, gardening, home, etc. it has 8 different types of spray with just turn of a dial. the high setting can reach up to the second floor of the window and low is enough for gardening. It has also an inbuilt water dispenser for liquid soap, cleaner. Product Specification Dimensions: 73cm x 84cm x 40cm Great for windows and screens cleaning EZ Jet water cannon has 8 built in nozzles Perfect for washing gutters, windows, house exteriors, cars, boats, sidewalks, steps, and sliding doors. Just attach to your hose with it just use your normal home pipe with it..
Rs.330 Rs.531
Ex Tax:Rs.280
Infinity Kappa 2" Car Audio Dome Midrange Bandpass Crossover Enclosure 20MX
-38 %
Brand: Infinity Model: 20MX
Patented Plus One Glass Fiber WoofersUniPivot Tweeter 3-way UpgradabilitySLI(Super Low Impedance) High Output designUltra-High Sensitivity (up to 96dB@2.83V/1m)Harman Standard Reliability Testing Completely Tuned Kappa by Infinity..
Rs.9,440 Rs.15,328
Ex Tax:Rs.8,000
Infinity Reference Series 2 Way 6.5" Component Car Speaker With Tweeter - REF6520CX Infinity Reference Series 2 Way 6.5" Component Car Speaker With Tweeter - REF6520CX
-33 %
Brand: Infinity Model: REF6520CX
Plus one woofer coneEdge-driven, textile tweetersManufactured in USA..
Rs.7,080 Rs.10,608
Ex Tax:Rs.6,000
Infinity Kappa 2 Way 6.5" Component Car Speaker - 60CSX Infinity Kappa 2 Way 6.5" Component Car Speaker - 60CSX
-45 %
Brand: Infinity Model: 60CSX
Power Handling 100W RMS, 300W peak Sensitivity (@ 2.83V/1m) 93dBFrequency Response 45Hz - 35kHzVoice Coil Diameter 1-3/16 in. (30mm)Attractive pricingReliable performance..
Rs.12,980 Rs.23,588
Ex Tax:Rs.11,000
JBL 2 Way Car Component Speakers CSG790CHI
-52 %
Brand: JBL Model: CSG790CHI
6-1/2" (165mm) 2-way Component Speaker System WITH GRILLSMax Power 360W 90W RMSPatented Plus Onewoofer Cone technologyVented Motor Assemblies to dissipate heat effectively to play louder without power compressionSeparate Woofer and Tweeter modules with external crossover for improved responseFrequency Response 55HZ - 20kHZSensitivity (2.83v@1m) - 92dB..
Rs.5,664 Rs.11,788
Ex Tax:Rs.4,800
JBL 6 1/2" 350W Car Speakers - A352HI
-32 %
Brand: JBL Model: A352HI
6-1/2" (160mm) Coaxial SpeakerMax Power 350W 47W RMSIMPP-Injection-molded polypropylene conePEI Balanced Dome TweeterFrequency Response 55Hz to 20kHzSensitivity (2.83v@1m) - 91dBOnboard Crossover..
Rs.2,124 Rs.3,127
Ex Tax:Rs.1,800
JBL Car High Fedility Coxial Car Speakers - GTO629 JBL Car High Fedility Coxial Car Speakers - GTO629
-54 %
Brand: JBL Model: GTO629
Peak Power 180W, 60W (RMS)Advanced Non Magnetic FRP framesCarbon Injected Plus One ConesUnipivot tweetersThis makes the GTO 629 an ideal match to systems powered with head-unit or factory-amplifier power levels..
Rs.4,838 Rs.10,608
Ex Tax:Rs.4,100
JBL 2 Way Car Component Speaker By JBL JBL 2 Way Car Component Speaker By JBL
-27 %
Brand: JBL Model: GTO609C
Peak Power 270W, 75W(RMS), Frequency Response: 67Hz-21kHzAdvanced Non Magnetic FRP framesCarbon Injected Plus One ConesExternal Diameter (in): 6-7/8, Mounting Depth (in): 2-1/16..
Rs.8,555 Rs.11,788
Ex Tax:Rs.7,250
Universal Car TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System With Internal Sensor Universal Car TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System With Internal Sensor
-42 %
Brand: Imported Model: TPMS
This is the universal TPMS tire pressure monitor system for all cars. A smart sensor technology that indicates your tire pressure in the digital LCD display.  If any tire does not has the ideal pressure then it will give an auto security alarm. it has placed a small solar charging system you don't need to charge it from cigarette lighter port. Nice color full The LCD display shows real-time tire pressure and temperature.FeatureIntelligent Solar TPMS, Car Tire Pressure -Solar Power Charging, Don’t Need To Charge By Connecting to Car Cigarette Lighter, Colorful LCD Digital Display, Clear To Show Tire Information, Real-Time Monitoring Pressure & Temperature Of 4 Tires, Low Air Pressure/High-Temperature Alarm, High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm, Intelligent Shock Boot When Car Moving, Don’t Need To Turn On/Off, Wireless Connect By Sensors, Easy InstallBuilt-In Sensors Options, Meets All Your Need -Free scale Chip Sensors And Fit On Almost 98% Cars On MarketPlease install by Professional Car center -More stable and accurate -Anti High Temperature and Cold-Ip67 Protection / Waterproof -Working Temperature: -40℃-125℃Smart Shock Boot TPMS Will Turn On Even When Car is Moving. It Doesn't Need To Be Turned on or Turned off By Yourself...
Rs.3,800 Rs.6,500
Ex Tax:Rs.3,800
Wireless Car Welcome Logo Shadow Projector Ghost Lights Kit For Tata Altroz Of 2 Wireless Car Welcome Logo Shadow Projector Ghost Lights Kit For Tata Altroz Of 2
-42 %
This shadow ghost lights for all tata cars, these shadow lights have a sensor that will work with the door opening and closing every time you open the door it will on automatically and create a shadow of the Logo on the surface. This product is completely wireless especially design for Car modification for making your vehicle fancy gives more fun to the driver. its result is very bright at night or in dark places. There Two small magnets include in package you to place this magnet on door sill area when close the door shadow light comes close to this magnet and turn off automatically. installation is very easy no deed to wiring and drilling on the Car body, just stick the light on Car door panel at the bottom side and stick the magnet on Car door frame sill area. FeaturesThe product can be installed at the body kit, chassis or another suitable place.Easy to install with 3M double-sided adhesive tape, no more trouble in making a hole.High power, high efficiency, energy-saving, no noise, no electric interface.3d style laser light of the illuminated entry systemSpecial design causes the product with strict waterproof and thermal performance, which will make sure the normal service in various harsh environments. Specification1.Powered by 3x AAA batteries 4.5V (batteries are not included)2.Output power: 3W3.Operating temperature: -40 degrees~105 degrees4.Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5cm5.Special Features: Laser light,door lights,welcome lightInstall Instruction1. Install instructions about the batteries: Put 3 pcs AAA(1.5V) batteries in the battery case and install them according to the positive & negative as marked in the case. Then close the batteries case.2. Install instruction of the shadow light: Stick the Magnet on the bottom of the Car frame. Stick the Car light on the Car door. The distance between the Magnet & Car light is about 10mm. When you close the Car door, the Magnet is at the under the face of the sensor on the Car logo light.3. Automatic Control & Manual Control: When you open the door, the logo will be shown on the ground, and it will turn off automatically after 2 minutes. If you want the light on/off, just need to press the button on the head of the light. ..
Rs.699 Rs.1,200
Ex Tax:Rs.699
Roots Megasonic Horn Set Low and High Tone 12V
-32 %
Brand: Roots Model: MGASNICROOT
Rs.1,700 Rs.2,500
Ex Tax:Rs.1,700
Hella Trumpet Horn Set Chrome 400 500 Hz Hella Trumpet Horn Set Chrome 400 500 Hz
--7 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Hella Model: TRUMPETHELLA
Rs.1,800 Rs.1,677
Ex Tax:Rs.1,800
Hella Super Tone Red Grill Horn 300 500 Hz Hella Super Tone Red Grill Horn 300 500 Hz
-29 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Hella Model: RDGRLHELLA
Rs.1,400 Rs.1,977
Ex Tax:Rs.1,400
Trumpet Horn Set Uno Minda Trumpet Horn Set Uno Minda
-0 %
Brand: Uno Minda Model: TRUMPETMINDA
Product Specification Voltage : 12VFrequency : High Tone 510 hz, Low Tone 410 hzSound Pressure : 112 DB (A) Both..
Rs.600 Rs.600
Ex Tax:Rs.600
Hella Pearl Trumpet Horn 400 500 Hz 12V Hella Pearl Trumpet Horn 400 500 Hz 12V
-39 % 2-3 Days
Brand: Hella Model: TRUMPTBLKHELLA
Rs.600 Rs.978
Ex Tax:Rs.600
Stable Brio Car Horn
-30 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Stable Model: BRIOSTABLE
Rs.2,800 Rs.4,000
Ex Tax:Rs.2,800
Stable Electromagnetic Horn (Black) Set Of 2
-11 %
Brand: Stable Model: ELCTMGTICSTABLE
Rs.800 Rs.900
Ex Tax:Rs.800
Stable 3 Piper Car Horn With Relay
-10 %
Brand: Stable Model: 3PSTABLE
Rs.2,600 Rs.2,899
Ex Tax:Rs.2,600
Stable 5 Piper Car Horn With Relay
-5 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Stable Model: 5PSTABLE
Rs.2,999 Rs.3,150
Ex Tax:Rs.2,999
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