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Sony XS - AW8 Compact Powered Under Seat Subwoofer Sony XS - AW8 Compact Powered Under Seat Subwoofer
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Brand: Sony Model: XS - AW8
Enrich your in-car listening with the XS-AW8 compact powered subwoofer. The slim design allows installation in restricted spaces, and fills your car with 160W peak (75W RMS) of clean, dynamic bass. A supplied wired remote enables convenient level control from the driver's seat. Ultra-sleek, shallow subwoofer No space for a big subwoofer enclosure? At only 3 1/8" (7.8cm) deep, the XS-AW8 powered subwoofer fits in tight spaces in your vehicle for powerful bass sound throughout the car. 160W peak (75W RMS) output power Fill your car with 160W (75W RMS) of clean, dynamic bass sound with our original power IC. The matched class A/B amp is designed for high power and natural, distortion-free sound even at high output levels. Supplied wired remote commander A supplied wired remote commander allows you to adjust the subwoofer volume from the driver's seat. High level input/Audio line input What if you're using a factory radio that doesn't have pre-amp outputs? Simply connect the speaker outputs of your receiver to the high-level inputs. When pre-out audio signals are available from the receiver, connect them to the CH1(R) and CH2(L) terminals. Compatibility with up to 5V pre-outs means you can utilise higher voltage audio input for a clean audio signal and less external noise. Single-sided controls and terminals Connections and amplifier controls are together on the same side for easy installation and tuning. The amplifier features a variable low-pass filter for simple connection to full-range sources, including the speaker-level inputs. A switch additionally allows you to customise the subwoofer phase output, to prevent any reduced bass response due to phase cancellation from other speakers in your system. Optimally designed driver unit and low-resonance cast-aluminium enclosure To reproduce powerful bass sound from its compact dimensions, the slim enclosure is paired with a unique rigid subwoofer diaphragm. The built-in amplifier also integrates a sturdy heat-sink to protect the driver unit and amp without introducing unwanted vibrations and harmonic distortion. LOW PASS FILTER:-50Hz - 150Hz RATED OUTPUT POWER/THD(14.4V 20HZ-20KHZ) AT 2-OHMS:-75W/1.0% LOW-PASS FILTER SLOPE:-12dB/oct MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER (14.4V) AT 2-OHMS:-160W  General Features:-EFFECTIVE FREQUENCY RANGE: 20Hz - 200HzIMPEDANCE (OHMS): 2-ohms + 2-ohmsDIAPHRAGM MATERIAL: PaperMAGNET MATERIAL: FerriteSURROUND MATERIAL: Rubber Speaker System:-CONFIGURATION: DVCSIZE: 8" (20 cm) Size & Weight:-DIMENSIONS (MM): 344x78x250 WEIGHT: 4.86 kgEnvironmental Friendly:Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities...
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