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Audi A3 Cabriolet Accessories

Audi A3 Cabriolet  Accessories

Car Window Magnetic Sunshade For Audi A3 (zipper) Car Window Magnetic Sunshade For Audi A3 (zipper)
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Brand: Carhatke Model: SNSDZPRA3
This magnetic sunshade protect you from unwanted heat and sun glare. Magnetic sunshades are custom-fit sunshade that ensure exact size and match according to the car model. Magnets are use on the edges for easy installation. you just have to open your car door and place the sunshade closer to the window frame on it and it will automatically stick on the frame. No professional skills require to install it. Magnet are also provide the security when you down your window glass in high speed. These magnetic sunshade keep your car interior cool inside and increase your AC performance in hot weather. front two sunshades have the zip option that can open some space of shades where  you can easily throw unwanted thing outside from your car.Product HighlightsEasy to install, no screw and drilling require.Exact size according to your car window. Prevent from UV sun-rays heatHelp to keep temperature low of car interior ..
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